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16 JULY 2012



– Distinguished guests

– Respected members of the academia

– Members of the media

– Ladies and gentlemen

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera and good morning!

On behalf of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), allow me to welcome each and every one of you to the National Accounting Educators Symposium 2012. I would like to express my appreciation to the organising committee for realizing this very important event designed for the educators of our country’s future accountants. Also, I am grateful to the various supporting bodies for their invaluable cooperation and sharing of resources in making this event a possibility.

*Before I proceed with my speech, I would like to request from all present to observe a moment of silence to remember and pray for the late Associate Professor Mohd Hanif Mohd Helmi, the Deputy Dean of Bank Rakyat School of Business and Entrepreneur with UNIRAZAK who passed away peacefully on 11 July 2012. (Al – Fateha prayers for Muslims) Thank you.*

Ladies and gentlemen,

The National Accounting Educators Symposium was conceived in 2011 by MIA as part of the efforts to ensure that Malaysia’s institutions of higher learning are able to attain world-class standards in educating and developing certified accountants that are resilient, skilled, knowledgeable, critical, creative, innovative, competitive and intellectually rigorous.

This is in the best interest of the country since quality accounting education is a priority with the Government. It is explicitly mentioned in the 10th Malaysian plan, under the National Higher Education Strategic Plan which places great importance to education, training and lifelong learning. These are the elements to ensure that accounting graduates produced in institutions of higher learning are at par with global standards.

MIA regards the academia as an important stakeholder and a key partner in the Institute’s nation building agenda. The fact of the matter is that our accounting training providers and academics in accountancy education are the ones who will mentor and coach future graduates on the latest issues, challenges and the most up to date recommendations affecting the profession on the ground. This Symposium is the “bridge” that will connect accounting educators with the requirements and needs of the industries of today and for times to come.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The MIA is a statutory body set up under the Accountants Act 1967 with the mission to develop, support and regulate the accounting profession. MIA carries out its responsibility in:

– Ensuring credibility of our profession is maintained;
– Adopting and implementing consistent and relevant global best practices and standards towards the improvement of the profession, and;
– Upholding the public interest.

In upholding the integrity of the profession, it is crucial to equip our members with the necessary values and skills required of chartered accountants in order for them to be competent in performing their duties ethically and professionally. Therefore it is very important that accountancy students get started correctly by being provided with the right scope of knowledge and skills by accounting educators. Providers of accountancy education must ensure that their students are given up to date knowledge.

The MIA will then continue to ensure the graduates who eventually become its members are provided with continuous professional education and quality assurance, which includes:

– The development of a competitive and comprehensive assessment framework when admitting new members;
– The implementation of professional standards and practices recommended and required by internationally accepted guidelines as standards;
– Conducting practice reviews,
– Having in place a provision of By-Laws for members to abide and comply with; and
– Having in place a robust disciplinary system for those who fail to comply with these standards and By-Laws.

Ladies and gentlemen,

At the Institute’s level, continuous professional education of our members is paramount. Because public interest is top-most for the profession, members of MIA must stay relevant by keeping up with a world that seeks to transform through convergence in corporate governance, financial reporting standards and practices and quality auditing standards. Members of our profession must understand the changes that are happening and be able to adapt to the changes quickly.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today we have with us a list of prominent speakers who are captains of industries, head of regulatory bodies, key corporate personalities from the business and education circle who have taken time to come together here for the next two days. Thank you to all the speakers.

In our pursuit to have globally competent accounting educators, the topics for today will touch on:

– The Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards (MFRS);
– Forensic Accounting & Auditing Education;
– Taxation Updates & Implications;
– Enhancing and Raising the Audit Quality, and;
– Teaching Accounting to Generation Y

Day two of the Symposium will deal with:

– Updates on Corporate Laws and Regulations;
– The effectiveness of Audit Committees in a Dynamic Corporate Landscape;
– Ethical Issues Facing the Accounting Profession;
– The advent of Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) in shaping the financial reporting landscape, and;
– Accounting Information System;

I believe the highlight of the Symposium will be the much anticipated forum titled “The Unemployed or Unemployable Malaysian Graduates” which I trust will give us an intimate insight on the general perception of the Malaysian employers when it comes to hiring our local graduates into their organisations.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Before ending my speech, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the Institute’s flagship event, the MIA International Accountants (MIA) Conference 2012. Formerly known as the National Accountants Conference (NAC) the Conference will be held from 27 to 28 November this year at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).

Themed “Innovative Society: Sustaining Business Success”, the two day event will be beneficial to all accounting educators and training providers for you to network, gain useful and global insights on professional development and career reinvention of the accountancy profession.

I sincerely hope to see you all there!

Finally ladies and gentlemen,

All of us are always learning and will always need to continue learning. And I believe there are a lot of of things to learn over the next two days, even for educators like all of you. I sincerely hope that what will be discussed and presented during this symposium will make us better prepared to play our roles in teaching, preparing and developing world class accountants.

On that note, I wish you all a productive symposium ahead. Thank you.