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MIA International Accountants Conference

MIA International Accountants Conference 2016 

The MIA International Accountants Conference 2016 is a flagship event designed and dedicated to accountants and corporate leaders from around the world. Known as MIA Conference 2016, the Conference will be showcasing close to 60 top notch local and international speakers and industry captains who will be discussing and sharing insights on today’s most pressing issues, challenges and opportunities of the accounting and business world. MIA Conference 2016 is expected to draw more than 2,900 delegates from commerce and industry, public sectors, public practice and academia. It is one of the largest gathering of accountants in the world!

“Strengthening the Profession for a Sustainable Future”

The Malaysian business landscape is poised for radical transformation, as numerous regulatory reforms and multilateral initiatives such as the AEC and TPPA take off. While these macro developments will surely affect accountants, the profession specifically will be rebooted by the Committee to Strengthen the Accountancy Profession (CSAP) reforms. These aim to enhance good governance and audit quality in line with global benchmarks while differentiating Malaysia as a leading hub for premium accountancy services.

As the profession embraces change, accountants face immense pressure to adapt and become more adept in their diverse roles as financial advisors and captains of industry, tasked with innovating business models which seek sustainable growth. The MIA International Accountants Conference 2016, our flagship conference reaching over 2,900 decision-makers and executives annually, is the ideal learning vehicle which will equip you with the tools to become more competent and competitive on an international scale. By engaging and learning together, we can strengthen the accountancy profession to ensure a sustainable future, and play our part in building a resilient nation.

Who Should Attend

  • Accountants in Business
  • Accountants in Public Sector
  • Accountants in Public Practice
  • Accounting Educators
  • Management and Finance Professionals
  • Business Leaders
  • Government and Regulatory Bodies

8 Key Takeaways Why Accountants and Finance Professionals MUST attend this Conference

  • Address the latest and most pressing issues on business, accounting and finance
  • Meet the most influential minds in business, accounting, finance, legal and regulatory
  • Gain insights on cutting-edge management tools and best practices
  • Learn the latest economic trends and challenges in the region
  • Explore how accountants can contribute towards business success
  • Evaluate value creation strategies
  • Review the importance of good governance and how it can contribute to sustainable growth
  • Network with finance leaders, corporate captains, senior government officials and thought leaders

To obtain more information about MIA Conference 2016, please visit our website at or write to us at MIA Conference Unit