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Professional Development (PD)
Continuing Professional Education l Skills & Knowledge Development

Professional Development (PD) is the training and development unit of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) for the accountancy profession as a whole in Malaysia.

Striving towards vision 2020, the accountancy profession in Malaysia has to be dynamic and to be able to adapt and embrace the constant changes emerging as a result of globalisation. The primary accountability of our accountancy profession is to ensure that the credibility of the profession is maintained at the highest standards in order to consistently uphold the interest of the public and stakeholders of the economy.

This is done not only with the admission of qualified and competent professionals into the accountancy profession but more importantly to ensure that these professionals together with the rest of the supporting members of the accountancy profession are adequately provided with continuing professional education (CPE) and development in the long run to enable them to deliver results that are of highest professional standards.

Organisations in Malaysia realise that to compete in today’s competitive market where corporate responsibility is seen as one of the key success factors, they must have highly skilled and well-trained employees as part of the accounting and financial management team. Professional skill, information, and knowledge are now a prerequisite in the corporate and business world, public sectors, academia and public practices.

At PD, as part of our nation building efforts we focus on providing the best quality training programmes and knowledge events that delivers continuous improvements on the skills and competencies of the accounting professionals. We always drive ourselves to be your preferred accountancy and financial training partner that you can depend on for your continuing professional education (CPE) and development.